Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Startup Grind: Chrys Bader-Wechseler

Last night was my first Startup Grind in Redwood City. I networked with a handful of people before the speaker, Chrys Bader-Wechseler came on. Networking is still awkward, especially in a crowd of techies. Chrys spoke of his new social media site, Secret. It's only available on iPhone right now so it was a bit of a let down to hear about something I couldn't use immediately. They are working on the android app.
Derek Andersen and Chrys Bader-Wechseler at Nest GSV
My favorite quote from Chrys is:
"I like to make things simple--distill them down so you can just pick it up."

This is my goal in my writing business. In a world of endless choices, people just want to pick something up and know what to do with it.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Social Media, Oh My

For months I have been collecting infographics to publish on my social media walls. This is part of my branding process to further establish my field knowledge. 

Last week I thought I had added a bunch of pictures to my Google+ page and even referred to the page in business conversations. Imagine my dismay when I realized that none of the postings were actually on my page.

Needless to say, Google+ and I made friends this morning as I searched the help section to figure out how to make the page do what I wanted. Feh. Click below to view the page:

JKommunications Google+ Page

Now I need to work on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Social media does not stop, therefore you must always be thinking of topics to introduce. One of the best ways, besides strong content writing, to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization (higher rank on Google, et al)) is to link social media accounts to your website.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Networking and Confidence

Whenever I go to a networking event, I have a mantra that I say, "People come here to meet people." This gentle reminder helps me to come alive a little more. Knowing that everyone feels a bit awkward about going up to a stranger, talking for a few minutes, and handing them a card with your business information is somewhat reassuring as well.

The card itself is a bit of a conversation starter. The printer notice the embossing, the English major notice the witty use of "wordsmith", and the engineer liked the use of my initials in my company name. It was all great fun.

I even met some people who were actually interested in my business and some potential clients. This boost to my ego was worth the minutes of uneasiness when transitioning between new people. It also gave me ideas as to what I needed to be better at articulating about my business and services. 

Business Paperwork

Feds, State, and City All Up in my Business

Today I received my state paperwork for the LLC. In it, they conveniently placed my $800 tax bill. Yay! As if the form filing and publication fees weren't enough. Nothing like spending money to make money. 

The amazing thing about all this is that since it's so complex, there is no good resource for all the information needed to open your own business. You send off paperwork and hope for the best. Well, at least that's what I'm doing. The idea of faking it before making it just took on new meaning. 

Tomorrow is my first networking event representing my company and brand. I'm curious to how it will be received and what kind of questions will be asked. I'll keep you in the loop.

Starting a Home Based Business

Good Grief

A few months ago I brilliantly decided to open my own business. I know lots of people who have their own business and I arrogantly thought it would not be difficult to get my licenses, website, social media, business cards, invoices, tax id number, ad nauseum. Well like everything in life, it is a struggle. The struggle sometimes lies in the internet itself, or gaining control of my computer from other family members (note: my), or household duties which seem to drive one crazy when sitting amongst them daily, or any of a plethora of other things. Sometimes I'm actually able to put all these shiny objects aside and work on the business. Its plan, its details, its life.

Right now is one of those times, but here I am writing unknown persons about my "struggle". I am trying to figure out what exactly motivates me to work when I have a job. It's not the pay for sure. It's not my boss or my high yearning for success. But, when I work for others, I get up early, get ready, get out the door, get to work and work, pretty much for forty hours a week. No qualms. No naps. Why doesn't this translate to my job here at home. When I have client work, I am motivated to complete it as soon as possible, but when it's something for my business, it lingers. And lingers. Does this make me a bad person? Am I not putting forth enough effort? Do I care?

The idea of this blog is to take you, the reader, through the ups and downs of starting and owning a business. For now, I continue to wait on the state to send my license, so I can apply for more licenses.