Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The G Part Two

Anyone with a website will tell you that getting to know Google, aka The G, is imperative to internet business. The G is tricky and I still agonize over certain aspects of my account. 
Even Lisa Simpson Knows the Power of The G
In fact, I have given up on knowing all there is to know about The G, but continue to forage onward to understand as much as possible. 

Here's what I know:

  1. Google changes. The names for services changes, what you are allowed to see changes, what it does changes, and how useful it is changes.
  2. Data can be incomplete depending on what you are trying to do and what information the bots can find. My data says people are going to my site from a foreign country, but not staying so my data is pretty meaningless at this point. I still haven't figured out how the bots can find my sitemap so my data will continue to be incomplete until I can figure it out.
  3. Google help only helps people with a firm knowledge of certain computer language codes. I don't possess such knowledge so I might as well read the instructions in Greek for as much as it helps.
  4. The G continues to reign supreme because it's algorithm is remarkable. Oh, hail to the king.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Focus on Possibilities

Lift Up Your Thinking
Some of you may have noticed that I have dreadlocks in my hair. I have had them for a number of years. They can be quite the conversation starter, but the hairstyle goes much deeper than my vanity.

The thing I didn't know before having dreadlocks was the idea of lifting up your thoughts. True Rastafarians will not speak certain words because the very act of speaking gives the word power. Instead of "I", "eye and eye" is used to show the connection between all people. "Understand" becomes "overstand" because one should not think of anything as lesser than anything else. 

Change of language is vital to any cultural movement. That is why the quote on the meme is so important for me to remember and activate in my thinking. It is the idea that your thoughts bring your life and circumstances. If I wake up every morning thinking of possibilities, but go to bed every evening thinking of how little I accomplished (like I admitted in my last post), then I am focusing on problems instead of solutions. This will never lead me to opportunity. So I must lift up my thinking.